Hotel Security Services

Hotel Security Guard Services

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world for businesspersons and leisure travelers alike. This is why; it is evident that there are countless lavish hotels littered all across Dubai.

So what is hotel security?
Hotel security is an umbrella term that denotes all the security measures put in place within a hotel that helps a hotel owner to rest assured as their place of business will remain safe against

  • Unauthorized entry
  • Vandalism
  • Thefts
  • General misdemeanor from unruly or drunk guests and
  • Generic security breaches from people with ill-intentions who somehow gained access to the hotel.
We at Rann Security, being one of the top security guard company for hotels in Dubai, offer highly trained onsite hotel security guards in Dubai at reasonable rates.
Why your hotel needs onsite security guards?

Hotels in Dubai are often packed with
  • Priceless artifacts
  • Expensive paintings
  • Expensive cutlery and whatnot.
Furthermore, hotels in Dubai often play the role of host to wealthy individuals who arrive in their expensive or vintage cars. On top of this, in case your hotel also has a casino then your hotel will need all the help it can get from our highly trained personnel specializing in hotel security Dubai.
Hotels also become the targets of domestic and international criminals as well as terrorists. Take a look at the recent events that took place in India where prominent hotels were targeted by foreign terrorists in a bid to meet their agenda. Instances like those could have been kept at bay if the owners of those hotels invested heavily in the security needs of their places of business.
Another reason why you should hire onsite security personnel for your hotel is that security personnel will be able to patrol the areas that are not protected by security systems such as sensors, Access Control Systems and surveillance systems. These areas are known as ‘blind spots’. These blind spots are often abused by ill-doers to gain access inside a hotel and carry out their criminal activities. Hire onsite security personnel for hotels and keep such instances at bay easily!
Other reasons why your hotel should have onsite security personnel are as follows -

  • When you avail the onsite hotel security personnel services from us, you will not only have digital proof from your electronic security systems but also from our onsite security personnel. You will be able to use the words of our security personnel for hotels as verbal confirmation against a perpetrator when the same has been apprehended by the authorities so that the ill-doer is punished as soon as possible.
  • Criminals often do not pay heed to the electronic security systems installed at a hotel. Instances like this can be avoided when you hire our onsite security personnel for hotels as when they will be patrolling the corridors of your hotel or the external perimeter of the same, it will be apparent to a criminal that it won’t be easy for them to gain access to your hotel and they will abandon their plan to breach the security of your hotel.
Why Us?
We are one of the premier providers of security guard for hotels in Dubai. We have been offering our services for a while now and over the years, we have gained quite the reputation among several top-tier hotel owners all across Dubai as we served the security needs of their places of business to the best of our abilities.
Being one of the leading hotel security guard company in Dubai, it is natural that we have what it takes to offer your hotel with an additional layer of security. We just want to ensure that every hotel in Dubai has onsite security personnel who are well trained and have an eye to sift out security concerns on the fly – it is as simple as that!
Our company understands how important it is to keep a hotel safe. Once a client of your hotel loses their faith in your ability to keep them safe after they arrive at your place of business, you will start losing them to your rivals! This is the reason why we offer our highly commendable hotel security personnel services for hotels and their assets to several of our loyal clients.
Another reason why we are often contacted by hotel owners from all across the city of Dubai for our services pertaining to our services regarding top security guard for hotels in Dubai is that the rates of our services are reasonable. Furthermore, we have a dedicated customer service department where a team is always ready to answer the questions of our revered customers, any time of the day.
Since our inception, Rann Security has strived to deliver commendable services to our clients. We often subject the security personnel under our payroll to refresher training sessions in both close combat techniques as well as firearm skills. We also train them in vigilance skills so that they can sift out security threats easily even when the hotel they are protecting is hosting a gala or is packed to the brim! Our hotel security personnel can also keep ill-doers restrained till the authorities arrive on the scene to apprehend them as they have the necessary training and skills to handle such situations!
We make sure that the security personnel who carry the badge of Rann Security are always on the top of their game. It is one of the many ways we ensure that our image as one of the premier providers of security personnel specially trained for hotels in Dubai remains intact for decades to come!
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