Through targeted recruiting, thorough screening and intensive training, we’ve built a company of high quality and highly qualified people. Our culture is one of trust and respect, of professional growth and pride in our work. That’s why more than 200 security officers have joined our force, and hundreds of clients have placed their security in our hands.

Stronger Recruiting

When you’re selected by RANN, it’s a testament to your character. We seek out people who are motivated, eager to learn, committed to serving our clients and always doing what’s right. We thoroughly screen and carefully select every employee, and assign our officers to posts where they will be most successful.

Top-Tier Training

At RANN, we provide the resources, support and training that you need to be successful. Our commitment: to ensure that every employee is confident in their position before they ever work a shift on their own. We build on their success by continuing to develop our officers so that they have opportunities to grow within our organization.

Better Retention

For many RANN officers, their work is more than a job: it’s a career. So we strive to keep them motivated and fulfilled. We provide flexible schedules, competitive benefits, advancement opportunities, and a workplace culture that’s diverse and supportive — which is why we’re an award-winning employer, with one of the highest retention rates in the industry.
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